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Portrait: Selver Begic

Veröffentlicht: 9. August 2017 in Portrait
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(c) by Selver Begic

(c) by Selver Begic

Selver Begic

born in Postojna, Slovenia in 1981

Selver, what is Art?

I’m not trying to send a message, take a stand or to fight for ideas in art. For me art is intimate and personal experience. I’m trying to create and explain my world and nothing else. There are enough artists who are trying to change the world. I am no longer interested in this romantic idea.

How do you experience your collectors?

Although I create art for already fifteen years, I have just recently started to sell my paintings, maybe in last five years, so I still haven’t experienced true collectors who are passionately interested in my art. But I like to share my creations and I’m always happy when someone is attracted by my paintings.

What defines a “good gallery” for you?

A good gallery is the gallery that can truly understand and represent an artist, a gallery where the artist feels comfortable.

Your opinion on “art and the art market”?

Like I said before: I still don’t have true market experience, but art is always needed and therefore there will always be a market for it.

Is art passion and/or investment?

Art is passion in which you invest your time and soul, and money of course. But if it can be profitable depends on how good you are.

(c) by Selver Begic

(c) by Selver Begic

Artist – a dream job?

It depends on how good you are. If you can sell it than you can live and survive by doing something you love. And that is the definition of a good job.

What dream in the arts should come true?

To reach my true capacities, but that is a double-edged sword, once you achieve your goal, there is always the possibility to lose your passion. We’ll see.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite work or art?

There are a lot of artists I admire, but my favorite is Jean Dubuffet. When I saw his art for the first time, I became aware of my own artistic path.

I don’t have favorite piece. When I enjoy artists I enjoy all of their works.

What is your favorite color?

I also don’t have favorite colour, but I have favorite colour combinations: pink and green, blue and ochre.

Dear Selver, many thanks for this interview and all the best for the future!

(c) by Selver Begic

(c) by Selver Begic

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