Portrait: Ed Heck

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Ed Heck - City Walk © Ed Heck

Ed Heck – City Walk
© Ed Heck

Ed Heck

born in Brooklyn, New York in 1963
Website: www.edheck.com
E-mail: info@edheck.com
Galleries:  The World of Ed Heck Gallery (New York), Galerie Mensing (Germany)


Ed, what is Art?

Is anything done artfully, anything that is done with love and passion behind it becomes and is an art.

How do you experience your collectors?

With the presence of the internet an artist can become involved with your collectors all over the world in real time. This can give you a good sense of what their perceptions and thoughts are on what you are creating.  Now more than ever the collector can play a role in artists work to the extent that you would want of course.

What defines a “good gallery” for you?

A good gallery is one that really gets what you do and supports and gets behind you. This goes for the gallery and the staff selling your work. When the gallery sales people really like your work it shows and they are your connection to the art buyer and collector at the point of sale.

Your opinion on “art and the art market”?

I think as with other artistic markets, music, books, etc. it has become easier and at the same time harder to be noticed.  I have noticed with art that less people go to the art expos and shows than ever before. People may feel they can see everything they need on the computer screen.

I am sad by this because I feel art and music really need to be experienced in person; it brings it to a whole other level.

Is art passion and/or investment?

I think art should always be a passion first, weather as a creator or collector. Artwork should be enjoyed by the collector and viewer and the fact that an artwork is also an investment should be the added bonus.

Ed Heck - Paint Studio © Ed Heck

Ed Heck – Paint Studio
© Ed Heck

Artist – a dream job?

Being an artist is not a job, it’s what you are. As most successful people will tell you “Find what you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life”.  Doing what you love to do, what brings you joy and would do anyway, but you get paid to do it, yes that is a dream.

What dream in the arts should come true?

My dream is to simply have people enjoy my work and support it so I can continue to spend my time creating more.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite work or art?

These two questions I would answer similarly.  I like and I am influenced by so many different artists and their works that I could not pick just one. Each affects me in a different way.

If I was pressed to only pick one I think it would be Vincent Van Gogh the man because of his passion and life. Also favorite work would be „Starry Night“ because standing in front of it I find it alive, magical, and timeless.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night. 1889

Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night
1889, oil on canvas, 73.7 × 92.1 cm
Museum of Modern Art, New York

What is your favorite color?

As for colors it depends on my mood although as anyone who has seen my work would say it’s clearly the blues and purples that I favor.

Dear Ed, many thanks for this interview and all the best for the future!


PS: German fans will have the chance to meet Ed at one of his shows in Hanover, Berlin and Hamburg from 20th to 22th February 2015. More information at http://www.galerie-mensing.de/events

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