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John Suchy in front of the MoMA © John Suchy

John Suchy in front of the MoMA
© John Suchy

John Suchy

born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in 1946
Website: www.johnsuchy.com / www.johnsuchy.de
E-mail: johnsuchy77@hotmail.com

John, what is Art?

I feel art is created when an artist (using various mediums), shows how they see life, how they feel, how they love or hate, what they think they are or want to be. I love to create memories. I think the more years of experience an artist acquires the more powerful their art can be.

How do you experience your collectors?

I enjoy having shows in the same galleries every few years. This gives me time to think and create new images for them to see and hopefully enjoy and purchase. I have done many indoor and outdoor shows where I always bump into people who have bought or collect my art. When I display my art on the streets of Manhattan I always meet people from New York City and around the world who have purchased my art or they have friends that own my art. It’s great when I meet people who have bought art from me on the street when I started in 1976.

What defines a „good gallery“ for you?

John Suchy: A good gallery to me is one that first knows how to treat a customer with total respect. It is very relaxing if I can create a good friendship with the gallery owner. I also think it is important for a gallery to offer the art at a reasonable price and not wait till the customers feet turn toward the door before they say “It’s your lucky day today because we are having a big sale of art now“. The most important thing a gallery can accomplish is to have the customer come back or tell their friends about the gallery.

If a customer goes home and learns that they have be screwed price wise, they will never come back and will tell their friends never to go there. I enjoy making art images that just relate to the town that they gallery is in. There is always a landmark that everyone in the town is proud of.

John Suchy at his Berlin show © John Suchy

John Suchy at his Berlin show
© John Suchy

Your opinion on „art and art market“?

I know many artists that have been displaying and selling their art for the past 30 years in indoor and outdoor art shows around the USA. It is a hard life and the shows cost money.

You have to count on good weather and the economy. They travel and always have to work on their inventory. It is very hard to have a normal family life making a living this way. However it helps them control their prices and cut out the middle man so they make more profit. Many of them don’t want to sell to the galleries at a lower price and have the galleries sometimes make more than them. Some artist find representatives who find art galleries to sell their art & little by little the price of the art goes up & up. Sometime everybody is making money but the artist is still struggling to pay their bills. Some artists hit the jackpot and make a lot of money. I use to sell in the late 70’s on the street with James Rizzi and watched him rise to the top of the art market. That was great! Over the years I have met many representatives and art gallery owners who were very fair and many who were unscrupulous! It amazes me at the prices that some people will pay and how some artists can accomplish tremendous success in a short period of time and the prices that their art demands. Many artist come and go no matter how talented they are. It is nice to see an artist reach a high level of success and stay there for the rest of their life.

Is art passion and/or an investment?

Most people that buy my art because they like it or want to give it to someone who will enjoy it. Many times my art brings back good memories of places or experiences that they have had. My drawing of the pigeon lady is one of those drawing that brings out a story from so many people that I met. In the 80’s and  90’s bought tremendous amount of art for investments. I think most of them wished they didn’t. It is fantastic when you hear stories of people who have hit the jackpot with their art investments.

Artist – a dream job?

After art college I worked for 12 years in the advertising business. In the beginning I did mechanical drafting, layouts, story boards, presentations and finally became an illustrator.

For years I did drawings for books, magazines and newspapers. Finally as my art became very detailed and time consuming I got tired of all the changes the client wanted to have made. It took me so long to make the art that any small change meant, I would have to so the art all over again. I started doing drawings of my neighborhood on the upper westside of Manhattan and selling them on the street corners. This eventually led me into drawing many scenes of Manhattan. If five people asked me if I had a drawing of a certain scene I would make sure I did that scene. Selling on the streets helped me learn what people like and didn’t like as far a buying art. It was a crazy time in my life but I loved it! I have been very lucky in my art life and have many dreams come true. It’s not all about the money however. Every artist is first lucky if people tell them they enjoy their art! After that some get lucky and some don’t! The people that just do their art for their own pleasure and not for a living are the real lucky ones!

John Suchy - NYC canvas  © John Suchy

John Suchy – NYC canvas
© John Suchy

Who is your favorite artist?

Draftsmen – Heinrich Kley (Munich, Germany)  and Gustav Rehberger (Austria)
Painter – John Singer Sargent and Vincent Van Gogh

What is your favorite work of art?

The Frescoes of the Sistine chapel by Michelangelo

What is your favorite color?

When I was younger it was green (money) but over the years it has become cobalt blue.

Dear John, many thanks for this interview and all the best for the future!

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